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Dear Friend:

You may feel like the world is divided into two types: The Have’s and the Have Not’s. And maybe you’re even feeling like a “Have not.”

The great news is that we are all “Have’s”. It’s a SECRET that’s less talked about.

We ALL have within us latent abilities to attract that which we desire. In other words, we’re all on EQUAL playing fields.

The only difference between the “Have’s” and the “Have not’s” is that the “Have’s” know how to use those latent abilities to create their own opportunities.

In other words, they have a Magnetic Consciousness.

Magnetic consciousness, secures, by its uplifting and stimulating influence, the greatest exaltation of personal powers WHEN EMPLOYED.

In the next few minutes you will learn how to employ those latent forces within and unconsciously call to aid all the success-elements necessary to make you a center toward which ALL the Universal Forces of good inevitably gravitate.

But first let me ask you a question. Have you ever experienced “Yo Yo” results?

“Yo Yo” thinking yields “Yo Yo” results.

What do I mean by “Yo Yo” thinking or “Yo Yo” results?

We’ve all heard of “Yo Yo” dieting right? It means that you lose a few pounds, only to gain them right back again. Then you lose a couple more, gain a couple more back. In other words, your weight “yo yo’s” back and forth.

The same thing happens with our thoughts.

Sometimes we’re laser focused on our goals and we easily achieve them. Sometimes we’re scattered, and we achieve scattered results. And sometimes we’re fearful and we experience unwanted outcomes.

I know because I used to experience “Yo Yo” results.

I had some success with the “law of attraction.” But then I’d get derailed and experience let’s just say, “less than ideal” circumstances.

I started realizing something. When I was confident, courageous and focused, I seemed to easily and effortlessly attract good experiences into my life. But when I became fearful and un-focused, I seemed to repel my desires.

So then the question became “how do I eliminate my fears so I can be a magnet for success?”

Then I found the answer!

I discovered a book called Mastery of Self, which is the final book of a collection of Power Books, by Dr. Frank Channing Haddock. It’s a 100-year- old classic from one of the early teachers of the Law of Attraction.

It’s one that changed my life when I first read it and continues to work miracles in my life.

It’s one thing to say “be courageous” “destroy your fears,” but Haddock gives you definite and practical methods to conquer your fears, unlike any other book I had previously studied.

It’s your blueprint for becoming a powerful magnet to attract your heart’s desire.

Mastery of Self literally helps you become your best self.

With this definitive guide to help you Develop the art of Success-Magnetism, you will…

Discover the 4 pyramids of the etheric life and how to develop each. (You’ll gain advantage over the majority of people who live almost wholly in the physical pyramids of existence.)
Gain a better understanding of your personality so you can create harmonious relationships and situations…
Learn how to develop the habit and conduct that yields magnetism and creates tremendous opportunities
Explore the 19 laws of magnetic development that unleash Universal Forces to bring to you, all that you desire.
Study the 31 laws of magnetic action that will exert a dynamic force upon other people and life’s conditions.
Uncover 24 general life-principles that will become the foundation for living a magnetic life.
Learn three steps to use when dealing with others to harmonize them toward your purpose

In a nutshell, you will learn how to literally become a magnet to all GOOD.

Of course, no course in Self-Mastery would be complete without revealing how to eliminate fear, your biggest foe to Magnetic Consciousness.

Learning how to conquer fear is the single most important thing you can do to improve your life.

“If all our fears could be removed absolutely…this world would be a paradise in every respect. I do not know anything wrong with it that cannot be traced to a fear.”

Think about anything that ever held you back. And I bet it had to do with fear. But don’t fear, help is here.

Mastery of Self helps you demolish fear and experience power by:

Providing, first, a preliminary study of fear. What is fear? Is fear a helpful danger signal? Or a habit? An impulse? A disease?
Clarifying the difference between Fear and Reason. (This one distinction alone will help you banish fear)
Showing you how to distinguish fear thoughts from fear feelings.
Revealing two sure fire ways to annihilate fear (these are the only two proven ways you can be sure to get rid of fear)
Helping you understand the First Great Principle of Fear Conquest
Taking an in-depth look at the causes of fear, so they lose their hold on you
Revealing three great laws that puts “fear” in it’s proper perspective.
Exploring the 7 different kinds of fears.
Defining happiness, power, evil and disease (They’re not what you would think)
Teaching you the one thing you can do right now to stop fear from controlling your life.

Finally, an in-depth exploration of fear and how to conquer it!

This information will be such an eye-opener for you and will help you to look at fear in a whole new way. You’ll be able to move forward with complete courage.

You can grow in your soul a perfect courage.

Dr. Haddock not only provides an in-depth understanding of fear, but shows you how to develop a Culture of Courage…You’ll learn how to easily replace fear with courage.

This amazing book will teach you HOW to be courageous by revealing:

3 proven methods for gaining courage
A powerful daily regiment, including 22 necessary denials and 19 transformative affirmations. (These are so good and powerful, I printed them out and keep a copy next to my computer)
An uplifting, lifelong affirmation you can use to instantly instill confidence in yourself and the Universe.

With fear gone, courage mustered, you’ll be ready to achieve your goals.

This is THE ONE book, out of all the books, that you will refer to time and time again!

If you allow this book to be your permanent companion, I guarantee that you will continually grow and impress yourself with your ability to easily attract success.

The principles and methods mentioned in this timeless book, will deeply sink into and be absorbed and assimilated by your subconscious. With continued application of the wisdom within, you WILL banish fear from your life and develop your magnetic abilities.

Past students have shared that this gem “grows on them with every reading.” The principles and methods revealed in this masterpiece will be worked into the very fiber of your being…

Allowing you to do, be or have whatever you desire!

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P.P.S. One thing I forgot to mention: Mastery of Self not only shows you how to permanently banish fear from your life and how to attract success, it also reveals the secret to health. You’ll discover the three general conditions necessary for health and the eight laws of health that every individual must follow. This information will help you experience health in body, mind and spirit.

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I’d like to leave you with one final reflection from the 100-year-old classic, Mastery of Self

“Magnetism is practical cooperation with level-headed people who are bent on making the best of self and the world through created opportunity.”

Here’s your opportunity…