Lisa Hepner: Speaker

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Running Time: 7 min

Lisa Hepner, as seen on television, offers 3 simple tips to incorporate meditation into your daily life!


"Lisa Hepner is a joy and a walking talking demonstration that we have much to learn about life from a simple rubber band.
She is full of wisdom and enthusiastically willing to share it with the world! You will enjoy her presence!"

-Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones
One Spirit Center

"Lisa Hepner is an energetic and entertaining speaker. She WOWS the audience with her story-telling abilities; utilizing vocal variety (from a shout or cry to a whisper), and gestures (facial expressions and movement) to add impact to the story so that audience members are actually in the story. Her entire speech was a story that kept me involved the whole time. She is a creative speaker, involving audience members in her speech and using props which keeps the audience attentive and solidifies the concepts she is speaking about. You can FEEL the passion which Lisa has for the subjects she speaks about. It is inspiring and contagious!!!"

-Rev, Kelly Bryant,
Unity Church of the Redwoods

"Lisa Hepner is an excellent speaker! Her style is very captivating and entertaining. She doesn ’t talk to her audience, she talks WITH them."

-Rev. Chris Michaels
Center for Spiritual Living
Kansas City, MO

"Lisa Hepner spoke at my previous church in Kennewick, Washington on 'The Keys to Inner Peace and World Peace,' and presented a workshop afterwards based on her book, Peaceful Earth. The congregation loved her and the workshop was well attended. Her message was important, clear, and delightfully presented. This gal is good and a true joy to work with."

•Rev. Mike Gerdes
Minister of Center for the New Humanity in Chicago, IL

"Not only is Lisa skilled in the art of public speaking,she is blessed with the ability to add spark and magic by sharing from a deep place of soul. Her appearance is professional yet comfortable,allowing her to move freely I always felt she was talking with us, and not at us. There was nothing static or stagnant about her talk. She kept it alive for the duration,with many of our congregation wanting more."

•Rev. Kathleen Verigin

"The service Lisa presented for our congregation was wonderful! At a time when our world seems so out of our control her simple message that we all contribute to peace on earth,one person at a time brings a great sense of empowerment to us all. Thank you for showing us that peace can be found in the simplest of day to day conversations, like with your mother. And thank you for sharing this message in a fun and joyful way. We at the Spiritual Growth Center in Eugene,Oregon have grown as a result of this presentation and the love."

-Meri Justis, Minister
Spiritual Growth Center

"Lisa Hepner is a delightful speaker with a mission for peace that begins within each person. Lisa captivates her audience with her expressive, soothing voice, and delivers her message with passion, mirth and great stories."

-David Brenton Miller & Jo Anna Burns-Miller
Portland Church of Religious Science
Portland, OR


Who on Earth is Lisa Hepner?

Lisa Hepner is an author, speaker and teacher.

In college, Hepner wrote a book titled Animals in Education: The Facts, Issues and Implications and spoke at the National Animal Rights’ Conference in Washington, D.C. in 2000.  Hepner has always championed social causes and devotes her life to making a positive, lasting impact in the part of the world that she touches.

Hepner quit a lucrative career in medicine in 2001 to pursue her passion for writing, speaking and creating.

Hepner is the author/compiler of Peaceful Earth: Spiritual Perspectives on Inner Peace and World Peace and All I Ever Really Needed to Know about Life, I Learned from a Rubber Band.

Her articles have been published online as well as in major print publications such as Magical Blend, The Sedona Journal of Emergence, Unity Magazine and Science of Mind Magazine.

Hepner engages audiences nationally with her talks and workshops. (See the Speaker Link above for more info...)

Hepner is the recipient of the 2006 Religious Science International Peace Award. Previous recipients have included Barbara Marx Hubbard and Arun Gandhi.

Hepner is the founder of Peaceful Earth, LLC and the creator of dozens of products, services and resources that support people in experiencing inner peace.

She is the creator of the internationall recognized online movie titled "What is Peace?" (For more information see:

Hepner is the creator of the Project Meditate (More information see:


To book Lisa Hepner as a speaker, please call: (503) 349-5710 or email